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There is good news for Persona fans! After the successful launch of Persona 3 Reload earlier this year, ATLUS has announced the September 10th release date for their final content: Episode Aigis -The Answer- during the Persona Live Tour 2024 concert in Yokohama!

Episode Aigis is a recompilation of some of the new content that was added to Persona 3 FES to serve as an epilogue to the original game. The S.E.E.S. team is stuck in a never-ending time loop, so you will have to take control of Aigis and dive into the Abyss of Time to take on new challenges and uncover the secrets behind what happened on March 31st.

Persona 3 Reload Episode Aigis

Several patches since its release have made Persona 3 Reload a great pick for the Steam Deck, and the Expansion's completion makes it a great time to return to it! You can purchase the expansion pass on Steam for $34.99 or get the Digital Premium Edition, which includes the base game and DLC, for $99.99.

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