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When the Steam Deck came out, there was an insane amount of excitement and an endless idea of possibility. Now, with it in hand, that feeling is exemplified by the open nature of Linux and integration of SteamOS. With it being so open though, there are lots of settings and configurations that can be done to fine-tune everyone’s experience.

Steam Deck HQ was created with the idea to find out the best ways to configure not only games, but everything deck related. The goal is to provide information on performance of games on the deck and a starting point for configurations with different priorities, give a way to request specific games to review, tutorials for setting up games and programs, and much more down the line.

We hope to keep improving the website as time goes on and welcome any suggestions you may have! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our social media or use the form we will provide down below at the bottom of the website. We have many plans to expand as we grow including deck news, streams, Q&A, hardware/accessory reviews, and more.

Feel free to join our Discord server to talk to us directly, give us immediate feedback, talk Steam Deck, or just find like-minded gamers!

Thank you for your support!

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While we are in our infancy, we at SDHQ have made great strides in providing a platform for the Steam Deck community to learn, share and play and have many plans to grow and expand further. By supporting us through our Patreon, you will allow us to continue to grow! This is a way to directly support us with overhead costs we have like hosting, maintenance, games, and more.

Thank you so much for your consideration! It is massively appreciated.
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