A bit of a sadder way to start the day off. The RGB dock that JSAUX designed, and we covered a bit of, has been stolen. According to their blog post regarding the issue, the factory they were producing this dock from leaked the design to another company, which has not been named.

It appears it all started from a tweet on October 9th from this other company and JSAUX started an investigation immediately.

RGB Dock tweet

From there, they go on to show proof that they had built this design from the ground up, starting the design process as early as July 19th. They go on to show their design being modeled, providing time stamps for the files they used, and the date they patented the design in China.

In response to this, JSAUX has terminated their work with the factory and they have abandoned the current RGB dock they created.

As one of the outlets that were able to try out this RGB dock early, I absolutely loved the design and fit for this dock and felt JSAUX really went over and above with this one. I will be looking forward to their new design in the future when it is here.

We were tagged in the October 9th tweet by this rival company, so we know exactly who it is. Since it wasn't mentioned in the blog post, we will refrain from saying who it is at this current time, but I have reached out to get a statement from them regarding this.