In a game that looks at first glance like Spelunky with helicopters, BORE BLASTERS puts you in command of a Dwarven Gyrocopter, where you can use your powerful Machine Gun Drill to mine through rock, collect rare gems and ores, find powerful upgrades, and defeat swarms of enemies.

Best of all, the game has just received a free demo on Steam, with the promise of more news coming at the Steam Next Fest on the 5th of February. So you can go ahead and try out BORE BLASTERS for yourself now!

There's a full gameplay trailer out for the game, which you can check out below:

While the game does brand itself as a roguelike, it doesn't want to punish players unnecessarily, so if you can't finish a run, you can quit and keep any rewards and resources you had collected on that run with no penalty. Each run will give you the opportunity to unlock new characters, upgrade your Gyrocopter, and explore a procedurally generated mineshaft that's never the same.

Runs are meant to be taken in bite-sized chunks of no more than 15 minutes, so it could be an ideal game to play on a handheld where battery life is a consideration.

BORE BLASTERS is expected to launch on Steam in March, with a demo available to play right now!

The game does have full controller support, as well as modest system requirements, and we also got confirmation that the game will have full native Linux and Steam Deck support from the devs, so this should be a great one for portable play.

Has BORE BLASTERS got your mining itch going? It's certainly piqued my interest!

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