Oliver Stogden

Born and raised in England, United Kingdom, Oliver began playing video games at an early age, starting with the SNES console and Commodore Amiga computer. He has owned every console from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony since, and is very interested in the future of portable technology, such as handheld gaming systems, portable power stations/banks, and portable monitors. Seeing just how far we can push these devices. Oliver tends to get more enjoyment out of testing games and seeing how well he can get them to run on lower-end hardware than he does out of playing through games these days. However, he does occasionally dabble in the odd retro game here and there. His favourite genres of games are Racing, Simulation, Management, and Sandbox Survival games. Notable examples include Euro/American Truck Simulator, Stardew Valley, and Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

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