Are you looking at your Steam Deck and thinking about how much better the Nintendo Switch looks in comparison? No? Well Dbrand hopes to change your mind! Today, they have introduced a new skin to give that Deck look a new and sleek design to emulate that Switch presence:

The Switchdeck, as it is appropriately named, will be releasing today and boy does it look fantastic (we can't wait to get our hands on this one), but there is something more special with this skin too. This is part of a collaboration with our good friend Fan the Deck in tandem with his new upcoming video on emulation. This is so exciting to see and HUGE for the channel, which we love to see.

As a quick aside, we do not condone piracy or downloading games illegally. Dumping your games that you have purchased is the best way to bring these games onto your Decks and requires a jailbroken Switch.

This is a great video for a fantastic channel. If you haven't yet, go check out his channel and subscribe!

Here are some extra screenshots of the Switchdeck skin, provided by Fan the Deck:

This skin will cost $50 and is available for purchase today! You can also bundle the skin with the Killswitch case for $60.

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