Xenonauts 2 has been in early access for over 6 months now, but it's still receiving big patches, adding content, balancing, and more. The new Version 1.3 patch that just came out is no exception!


Frustrated with the lack of progress in their invasion, the enemy has deployed Cruiser-class UFOs. The crew of this new Cruiser-class have fusion weapons, which will allow them to lay waste to the Xenonaut resistance.

But it's not just the alien invaders that have new tech, the Xenonauts are bringing a new Hover Tank to the battlefield. Plus new Interceptor and Dropship tiers. Maybe even those new fusion weapons of the enemy's might fall into the Xenonaut's hands? We'll have to see...

You're also going to see brand new maps added to the game, primarily focused on early missions during the campaign.

You can check out the full changelog for Patch 1.3 here.

Xenonauts 2 is available on Steam for $39.99, however, the game will be available at a 30% Discount until March 4th to celebrate the launch of Update 1.3. The game is graded as "Playable" on the Steam Deck Compatibility Rating, due to sometimes needing the onscreen keyboard and some text may be difficult to read, but otherwise, the game should play fine. We reviewed Xenonauts 2 back when it first came out into early access, and found that it ran quite well on the Steam Deck.

Are you excited about this update to X-COM-like Xenonauts 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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