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The video game industry has been seeming a bit bleak lately. In the wake of layoffs and weird business decisions from AAA companies, it can feel like things are taking a turn for the worst. But for Indie games, it's quite the opposite. Last week we had an insane amount of incredible independently developed games release that were all critically acclaimed or just downright fantastic. Hades 2 started the week off, we had 7 releases worth mentioning all from May 9th, and to cap it all off, we had Rogue Voltage ending things!

Here are the indies worth checking out on Steam Deck that released last week (May 6th - May 10th):

Hades 2 - $29.99

Hades 2 Indie Games Week

It's hard not to discuss Hades and the impact it has had since its release, so when its sequel, Hades 2, had a surprise release, it reverberated throughout the PC community. The follow up to one of the best roguelikes is off to a strong start, and I absolutely love it. Even though it is in early access, it feels like a solid experience already, and knowing there's more coming, it just makes the purchase even more justified.

And yes, it runs like a charm on the Steam Deck at 60 or 90 FPS.

Heading Out - $17.99 (10% Off until May 14th) (SDHQ Review)

HeadingOutStock1 3

Heading Out is published by Saber Interactive, which is no small studio, but the developers are definitely nowhere near as big! The game blends visual novel storytelling with some racing and roguelike elements, giving it a more unique spin on both genres. And mixed with the black and white art style, it feels extremely unique.

In our review, we note that it runs quite well on the Steam Deck at 30 or 40 FPS. It is an enjoyable experience, and I love the focus on narrative.

Path of Achra 1.0 - $7.99 (20% Off until May 21st)


While Path of Achra was in early access before this, it fully released on May 7th and definitely deserves some attention. It's a dark roguelike set in the fantasy world of ancient earth, and it focuses on fast-paced hero customization where finding a broken build is encouraged. You will focus on trying to find combos in the turn-based combat using your equipped weapons and magical powers.

Playing on the Steam Deck is a little more difficult due to no controller support, but it is very playable regardless. You can hold the right trigger down to auto-play through levels and use the touchpad to move the cursor around. It drains at around 8W and plays at 90 FPS, though when you move, it will go down to 60 FPS. It feels alright no matter what due to the style, and I am having a blast so far.

V Rising 1.0 - $31.49 (10% Off until May 22nd)


Another game that came out of early access last week was V Rising, and man is it good. It combines open-world survival with Diablo-esque gameplay, all wrapped in a vampire aesthetic where you can build your own castle and work with others to thrive. It really is an amazing game, and one I highly recommend if you're a fan of the genre.

The game runs decently on the Steam Deck, and with the new controller/gamepad support, the biggest criticism I have against it has been corrected! It's definitely a worthwhile game to play on the go now.

Animal Well - $22.49 (10% Off until May 23rd) (SDHQ Review)


Animal Well is one of the most unique metroidvanias I have ever played, and is easily a GOTY contender for this year. The game focuses more on environmental puzzle solving over action or combat, and is filled with secrets upon secrets. It also has an incredible visual style, with dark vibrant colors and gorgeous environments, and it's just phenomenal.

We also reviewed Animal Well on the Steam Deck and it performs incredibly. It does need a TDP limit and a set GPU Clock Speed to maximize battery life, but overall, it runs extremely well.

Crow Country - $17.99 (10% Off until May 16th)


If you miss the good ol' survival horror games of the past, like the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, Crow Country is perfect for you. It perfectly recreates the feelings those original games gave, which I love. It has an intriguing plot in a unique setting, which creeps me out just looking at it, and engaging gameplay that I can't wait to dive more into.

Like I mentioned, I haven't played a lot of Crow Country yet, but reviews are glowing for a reason! On the Steam Deck, it runs splendedly so far. I was able to hit 90 FPS with some minor spikes in battery drain to 15W in the early areas, but with how the game is structured and the restrictive environments, it lends itself nicely to performance on Deck. We will be reviewing this one since we received a key from SFB Games, but I am confident it will be great for the Deck.

1000xRESIST - $17.99 (10% Off until May 23rd)


I saw 1000xRESIST in a post on X from a reviewer that I enjoy, and I decided to take a look at it. Turns out, it's just the kind of game I love. Narrative-heavy thriller in a futuristic sci-fi setting that will have you uncover the truth behind a conspiracy involving the ALLMOTHER and who she claims to be. The story of uncovering the truth behind the end of humanity and the singular immune girl who survived sounds enticing, and makes me want to play it right now.

So far, I have played the first three chapters of the game, and for the most part, it runs well. I found that 45 FPS is the sweet spot for me, since some areas do drop, and there was only one spot where the game went down to 30 FPS. Battery drain remained below 15W as well, except for the moment where the framerate went to 30, but it otherwise felt great.

Rabbit and Steel - $13.49 (10% Off until May 16th)


Roguelikes are some of the best games to play on the Steam Deck, and with so many releasing in general, especially this week, it is easy to miss the noteworthy titles. Rabbit and Steel appears to be one of them. This is a co-op action roguelike that aims to recreate the feeling of high-level MMO raiding. You will choose a class, power up your character, and work with friends to take down a plethora of bosses throwing our bullet-hell patterns you will need to overcome. Just looking at it, it gives off a small, but unique vibe, and I am all for it.

As for playing on the Steam Deck, Rabbit and Steel works flawlessly. I was able to play at 90 Fps with an 8W drain. You will need to change the framerate cap in the game's settings to 90 to hit it, but it works perfectly afterwards.

Little Kitty, Big City - $22.49 (10% Off until May 23rd)


Did you enjoy Stray, but wish you could act more like a real cat instead of a futuristic one on a mission? That's what Little Kitty, Big City is! You are a cat on an adventure to make it back home, and along the way, you will explore the city, make new friends, and cause some chaos. The game is pretty open and sandbox-like, so you can take your time and do whatever it is you want to do. Time to knock over some pots, chase my tail, and make some store owners go crazy!

The game feels and runs great on the Steam Deck without changing any settings. It can handle almost 60 FPS with some minor drops to 55 at certain times. But, for the most part, it will be an enjoyable time, especially if you're willing to lower the framerate to 50.

Cryptmaster - $22.49 (10% Off until May 23rd)


Cryptmaster is a weird game, yet it is one of the coolest concepts. Basically, you will go through a dungeon and interact with the world by typing, or even speaking, any word that you can think of. It's a cool take on a dungeon-crawler, giving you the ability to decipher clues and interact with everything based on what you decide to type. And with a less serious take in general, you will have to deal with fishing, card games, rap battles, and more!

On Medium graphical settings, Cryptmaster can run at 60 FPS with under 16W battery drain. It is a bit harder to play on the Steam Deck due to requiring a lot of typing, but it is still playable and enjoyable overall.

Rogue Voltage - $14.39 (10% Off until May 17th)


Rogue Voltage is probably one of the most intriguing takes on roguelikes I have seen in awhile. It's an engineering roguelike, so to use skills, you will need to wire machines up to chain reactions and deal immense damage. It's one of the coolest concepts and it works quite well overall. I am shocked it isn't being talked about as much as the others, because this is one of my favorite releases this week!

It takes a little to get used to, but Rogue Voltage runs and feels great on the Steam Deck. It easily hits 90 FPS with an 8W battery drain, and I have no complaints at all!

Asleep - Ato 1 - $7.03 (12% Off until May 23rd)


Asleep is a point and click game about a girl who dives too deep into her nightmares, resulting in a reality filled with confusion and loneliness. It's a gorgeous pixelated game that requires you to live through the psychological horror adventure with fluid, haunting animations and an engaging story. This is the first episode in the series, so there will be more to come, and as a sucker for good animation and art, I will be following this one closer.

Asleep runs wonderfully on the Steam Deck, and I am not surprised! It isn't super intensive, and even though it's a point and click game, the gamepad controls are integrated quite well. I am enjoying this one so far, and I can't wait to see where the story takes us.

It's hard to understate how exciting all of this is, and the month isn't even halfway over. Even the week before had some great releases like Abiotic Factor and Chrono Ark. And the rest of this month is filled with more amazing releases like The Rogue Prince of Persia, Mullet Madjack, Genopanic, Athenian Rhapsody, Paper Trail, Quest Master, Capes, and more! This is going to be an amazing month for indies.

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