It feels like we just made a Steam Deck update post…which we did…but it looks like Valve isn’t done yet! SteamOS 3.3.1 has been pushed onto the stable branch, offering the fixes that have been coming to the SteamOS beta:

  • Temporarily reverted RDR2 VRAM workaround to pre-3.3 behavior
  • Fixed an issue causing random 0.2s stutter
  • Fixed an issue causing performance drops when a UI element appeared on screen if the performance HUD was enabled.
  • Improved performance for Forza Horizon 5

With this update pushed, there was also a slight tease for the upcoming SteamOS 3.4 Beta from Valve employee Pierre-Loup Griffais:

While it is something small seeming, this could be pretty big. SteamOS is more than likely using a snapshot of Arch Linux, so this would mean updating it to a more recent/current version.

You can view the update for SteamOS and discuss it over on Steam.