Diablo 4

GloriousEggroll released a new version for Proton GE 7-51 to fix Diablo 4's beta. He mentions that this release should ONLY be used for Diablo 4 and no other games due to a commit being reverted to fix the issue. This revert could have a negative impact on other games, so only use this for D4.

For those who don't know about Proton GE, how to get it, or how to update, check out our Proton GE guide! We go over all of this and explain why having GE is important.

Proton GE 7-51: Diablo 4 Beta Changelog:

Honestly, I've stated a hundred time it's preferred that people use Wine-GE for non-steam games (https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom/releases/tag/GE-Proton7-39-diablo_4_beta) but... taters gonna tate?..

Anyway this build is for people who keep using Proton builds inside Lutris instead of Wine-GE builds and/or people trying to run Diablo IV through battle.net directly on the Steam Deck without Lutris.

This release is ONLY for Diablo 4 and should -not- be needed in the future.


Wine commit:

breaks D4. Reverting it fixed it. I have no idea if this commit is needed for other games, so I advise NOT using this build for other games.

While GloriousEggroll states that he prefers us use Wine-GE builds for non-steam games, I haven't personally noticed any downside to using Proton GE on non-Steam games. I tested this with Overwatch and, at least for me, Proton GE ran better than the Wine counterpart. Regardless, you will be able to install this version and use through Steam if you don't use Lutris.

And we are working on our Diablo 4 guide now! It will be out later today.

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