When it comes to my games, especially emulated titles, I like to organize my games carefully and meticulously. Whether it be by platform or genre, I tend to know which games I want to play at the moment based on how I feel. So, finding a way to make my organizing significantly easier is something I love. And it seems someone from the Steam Deck community had something similar in mind and made something to help!

MicroSD Card Organizing for Steam Deck

If you like to utilize different MicroSD cards to categorize your games, this will be perfect for you. TechSquidTV posted on the Steam Deck Subreddit about stickers he made to put on SD Cards for this exact reason. In the picture above, we can see different stickers for simulation, driving, action, stealth, and even one for Steam Deck apps. These are all printed on SD Card adapters, which hold the MicroSD cards that will actually go into the Steam Deck.

The best part about these is that not only are they colorful and very stylized, but they are completely free to use! TechSquidTV supplies these designs in SVG file formats over on GitHub. You can download, edit, and print them all for yourself. Each label is designed to fit on a typical full-sized SD card front, and he recommends using OL28 White Gloss Laser paper with a color laser printer for the best results. You can use others, but results will vary. He also recommends putting a number on the MicroSD card to coordinate with the number on the sticker, but if you keep good track of your cards, this won't be necessary.

You can check out the instructions to make your own and learn a little about what he made from his blog post! And if you don't have the time or printer, you can also buy the stickers on Etsy!

I actually talked a little to the maker of these himself, who is a wonderful person to talk to. He mentioned that he is willing to make some new stickers per requests, and I put in my request for specific platforms that are used for emulation, like PS2, PSP, GameCube, or even Nintendo, as long as there's interest!

This seems like a great product to sell, so I asked why he chose to go the open-source route and offer them for free, too. He is a software engineer by trade and cares a lot about the open-source community. He hopes that a larger library of designs to meet everyone's needs will come from this, and the offerings for customization and organization will grow. You do need to buy the paper and a printer if you want the best quality, so buying through Etsy may end up saving money if you want 1-2 of those designs, but if you want all and future-proof for future designs, there is an option!

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