Yesterday, Digital Extreme held their panel on the main stage at PAX EAST, using their time to detail the next year of content for Warframe, including a new campaign as well as in-game events, as well as debuting a trailer for their upcoming Fantasy Action RPG: Soulframe.


To celebrate 11 years of Warframe, there will be 8 weeks of in-game Alert Missions with handsome rewards and varied difficulties, plus all players will be able to claim a free Dex Nikana from March 27th.


Jade Shadows:

Not just that, but players watching the devstream got a glimpse of Jade Shadows, a new Cinematic Quest being shown, which will introduce players to the angelic 57th Warframe, Jade. As well as a single-player quest and missions focused on one of the game's most legendary characters, the Stalker.

Warframe: 1999

After the arrival of Jade Shadows, we can look forward to Warframe: 1999, which got a teaser trailer at the event too, touted as the game's most ambitious chapter yet, 1999 features a more grungy atmosphere, and comes with a promise of narrative twists. Here's a short teaser video for the upcoming chapter:

Next Prime Access:

For those with Prime Access, here is your next addition to your arsenal:

Protea Prime is armed for any sort of deadly encounter, and when the going gets tough, her ability to manipulate time itself can make the ultimate difference.

Equipped with her signature Prime Weapons, the perforating Okina Prime Dual Daggers, and the Velox Prime Pistol, as well as exclusive Prime Customizations.


In addition to all the news about Warframe's 11th anniversary, we also received a surprise in the form of a new trailer for the developer's other game in the works, the upcoming Fantasy RPG 'Soulframe', you can check out the trailer down below, which showcases glimpses of gameplay:

Soulframe is looking to be a pretty interesting game, although we don't have too many details on what it will be like just yet. All we know is that it will be a sci-fi Action RPG with magical elements. They have a Discord server and Newsletter sign-up on their website, but no store pages as of yet.

Are you excited about all these reveals that came from PAX East for these 2 titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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