MINTROCKET, of Dave the Diver fame, ran a pre-alpha playtest for their upcoming zombie PvPvE Extraction Shooter, NAKWON: LAST PARADISE back in December. Following the feedback received from this playtest, MINTROCKET is announcing its priorities for the game going forward.


Firstly, MINTROCKET is prioritizing improving its infrastructure, which includes preventing players from cheating in the game, as well as minimizing lag, and improving the user experience. They also want to add the basic features you'd expect, character customization, in-game voice chat, and matchmaking based on a player's skill rating.

Secondly, they hope to overhaul the combat system, allowing greater flexibility and more natural movement in the game. Adding new zombie types as well as making them stronger.

Lastly, they plan to add further content to the game, this includes quests, a PvE cooperative mode, more variety in maps, more content in the city, such as shops, and of course, additional items.

They stress that this isn't an exhaustive list and that the priority list only covers what they consider to be major concerns for NAKWON: LAST PARADISE, and there may be things not included on the list that will be added or changed in the future.

NAKWON: LAST PARADISE has no release date set yet, but we're likely to see further playtests before the final release anyway.

We're not sure how well this game will run on the Steam Deck, it has no controller support and the system requirements are slightly above what the Deck can usually handle, so it's a wait-and-see game for this. Plus there's always the possibility a game like this will receive Anti-Cheat which breaks Linux compatibility.

Has NAKWON: LAST PARADISE caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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