JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

Last week, JSAUX announced that a new update was coming to their HB0602 and HB0603 (SDHQ Review) Steam Deck dock, and today, we have a little bit more information on what exactly this small update will entail!

JSAUX confirmed to me that this update focuses on improving compatibility with LG monitors and TVs and...that's really it. They did let me know that any kind of updates coming to docks will generally be focused on specific problems and helping improve compatibility. Regardless of how small it is though, any continued work on improving compatibility and how these docks work is much appreciated.

This update will only be for those 2 models listed above, not their newest dock with a M.2 slot integrated into it, the HB0604. Luckily, it was also confirmed that it will be shipping with this compatibility fix, so no firmware update would be needed.

JSAUX plans to release the update this Friday or next Monday and is currently looking for individuals who may want to help test this update! If you own a regular (HB0602) or upgraded docking station (HB0603) and a LG TV or monitor, and want to help test this update, send an email to [email protected].

We love this dock here. so it is always amazing seeing more and more support on the way. We are also confirmed to be getting one of their new M.2 docks as well, so expect a review from us ASAP!

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