It's always interesting to see what genres get mashed up next, well now it's time for another one! Footgun: Underground aims to combine a roguelike with Soccer elements. How does it do this, you ask? Well, in short, you'll navigate a labyrinth with your trusty soccer ball by your side. Kick the ball to start it bouncing around the arena, dealing damage to any enemies it hits!

A demo of Footgun: Underground is available now, but it will be updated even further when the Steam Next Fest starts in a couple of days!

Check out this gameplay trailer that shows the game in action:

Use precise shots and anticipate the ball's movement in order to clear the area of foes. Just as you'd expect from a Roguelike, permadeath and randomly generated runs will keep you on your toes with a challenging and varied experience each time you play.

Can you navigate this deadly labyrinth filled with challenges and enemies? Utilize your environment and ball enhancements, such as elemental damage, to deal devastating blows to your enemies and escape this post-apocalyptic madness!

Footgun: Underground is due to launch on Steam in April 2024 for $14.99. It has full controller support, and having just tried the current version of the demo that's out now, it looks like it runs perfectly on the Steam Deck. Even with a 3W TDP Limit, I was able to hold 60 FPS almost the entire time. So Footgun: Underground is definitely one to keep an eye on when the updated demo drops in the next couple of days for the Steam Next Fest.

What do you think, is this intriguing combination a good fit for a game? Let us know in the comments below!

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