Dying Light 2 was already a blast to play on the Steam Deck, and now, with this new update, the fun will continue in various new ways! There is a lot to cover here, so let's dive into this new, awesome update:


Dying Light 2 "Summertime" Update Highlights:

Community Maps for Consoles and Steam Deck

First, we head into the addition of community map integration. This was already done for PC versions of the game via mod.io, but with this update, consoles and Steam Deck users will also be able to look through and download these in-game. When I talked to the team at Gamescom, they did note that they will be checking and testing the maps, and the ones that can run will show up on the Steam Deck. It's possible there will be an option to disable this and see every map, regardless of compatibility, but there's no word on this yet.

Payday 2 Collaboration

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Payday 2, a new collaboration event is starting today and going until September 21st (coincidentally when Payday 3 releases). During this event, special infected will appear, and if you defeat them, Red diamonds will drop. These will complete event goals and give you items like a Dallas Mask, Money Bundle weapon, and more.

There is also a Payday bundle you can purchase as well. This uses the new DL Points system and gives you a Payday Gang outfit, a Money Bundle weapon with blueprint, The Change weapon charm, and Payday Paraglider.


New Marketplace System

As I previously mentioned, there is a new DL Points system that's being implemented. This is going to replace being able to buy skin bundles directly off Steam and use an in-game marketplace. Usually, moves like this would rub me the wrong way since I have been burned by other companies that have abused this system, but after talking with Techland, I felt a bit reassured.

The team expressed that they know issues like these and are doing their best to combat them. They are giving away 500 DL points for free to everyone, as well as keeping the possibility open for events that could award DL points for free.

New Short-Timed Activities

There will also be new short activities that will happen in-game to keep things interesting. Alterations will bring in a plethora of modifiers, including double XP, exaggerated ragdoll physics, reduced gravity, and more.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

On top of all of these, we have a bunch of new fixes for the UI, Co-op, some technical issues, and more. There is also an option to skip the prologue if you are looking to just get to co-op ASAP, a brand new brutality level setting to prevent content creators from having their videos flagged, new knife animations, and a new weapon category.

You can view the entire changelog for these fixes on Techland's website.

Dying Light 2 can be purchased on Steam now for $29.99 with a 50% discount that lasts until the end of this event (September 21st). The game is Verified on the Steam Deck, which we confirmed in our review.

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