Are you a fan of trying to escape the killer on the Steam Deck? Well, it may have gotten a little easier to do so thanks to the new update today! Dead by Daylight officially released their Chucky DLC today, which allows you to play as the iconic killer, accompanied by a new update. Interestingly, the new update brings with it some nice fixes to maps, plater profiles, and the addition of AMD's upscaling technology.


As of today's update, FSR 1.0 has been natively added into the game to allow players to upscale their games from lower resolutions to improve performance. While Dead by Daylight already runs quite well on the Steam Deck, having FSR 1.0 integrated in-game will allow users to upscale and push higher framerates or lower battery drain with little hit to quality. SteamOS does have FSR 1.0 integrated into it too, but using in-game could result in better visual quality.

Hopefully, this is a stepping stone to seeing FSR 2.0 brought in, as that results in much clearer, better-looking visuals. 1.0 and 2.0 are very different pieces of tech, using completely different methods to upscale, but it is nice that developer Behaviour Interactive is taking some steps to bringing it in.

The new Dead by Daylight update, 7.4.0, also updates some perks and killers, as well as some decent map changes. The Mother's Dwelling and The Temple of Purgation maps have been reduced in size and them, along with The Garden of Joy, have had a gameplay pass to improve navigation and readability. You can also now find your level and grades on the Player Profile screen, which you can select at the top right of your window. And you can customize your own Player Card that will be shown at the end-of-match tally screen!

You can view the full changelog for the update through their Steam announcement.

Dead by Daylight is available on multiple platforms to purchase, including:

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