A new trailer for THQ Nordic's upcoming open-world action-adventure game, Outcast - A New Beginning has just dropped. This trailer gives us a good look at the game's combat mechanics, it's looking like a pretty fast-paced shooter, with some nice weapon upgrade options to top it off:

There's a few things shown off in the trailer, so let's break it down:

  • The Modular Gun: There are other 30 modules you can find to attach to your weapon, and they can be combined to let you try out new combat styles. You also have 6 weapon slots, so you can have a selection of your favorite module combinations at your disposal.
  • The Shield: The Shield can be used to both defend yourself from attacks, as well as melee strike nearby enemies.
  • Jetpack: The Jetpack allows you to quickly maneuver around the world, and lets you access vantage points in combat. You can upgrade the Jetpack too!
  • Talan Powers: By helping the native species of Adelpha, you will gain special powers such as anti-gravity, and the ability to call in an airstrike!

Outcast's focus is on helping the Talan people free themselves from enslavement and retake control of their home planet Adelpha. Use a variety of weapons, abilities, and special powers to free the Talan people and reclaim their lost villages. Fight against Robots and Aliens as you reclaim this planet one base at a time.

There's no release date for Outcast - A New Beginning yet, but we do know that the price is planned to be $60/€60/£50 when it is released on Steam.

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