With the ROG ALLY coming out soon, a lot of attention has been placed on its screen. The jump to a 1080p with better colors is a real boost for a device like this and probably one of the biggest pros I have for the ALLY, but this could change very soon! FX Technology Limited, a company that creates smartphones and accessories, has taken it upon themselves to develop a new screen for the Steam Deck which pushes the resolution possibilities to 1920x1200!


The left side is the Deck stock screen while the right is the DeckHD screen.

Under the name DeckHD, this screen will not only feature the higher resolution listed above, but it will also have better color accuracy for richer hues and deeper contrasts, as well as anti-glare coating. All of this while sticking to the 7 inch dimension with 400 nits of screen brightness and a 60hz refresh rate, the same as the base Steam Deck screen.


We have been talking to the founder of FX Technology Limited, who reached out to us last week to offer sending us the screen to review once it is ready, which we accepted. We have also asked about battery life impact and will be updating this article once we get a response!

Personally, I am cautiously optimistic about this. For a device like this, I feel higher resolutions are a bit unnecessary and can cause unnecessary battery drain, but the increased color accuracy is something I desperately crave as I love OLED screens and vibrant/defined colors. Ease of install and battery impact will be the 2 biggest aspects I look at to see if the screen is really worth it, but I am willing to give it a shot!

You can join the Waitlist over on the DeckHD website and they list the estimated price to be around $99. They are also estimating a late June or July launch, but this is subject to change as production continues!

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