Earlier today, Yet Another Zombie Survivors released their biggest content update yet, adding in a new map, new game mode, and so much more. It's massive and adds in a lot, making getting back into the game much more worthwhile, and on top of that, we have a big performance update that makes playing on the Steam Deck significantly better.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors 1

Probably the biggest part of this update for Steam Deck users is going to be the performance changes, which provide some massive boosts in framerate. The developers enlisted the help of HyperStrange, who made awesome games like Blood West, to optimize the game further and improve stability. Looking at their provide GIF below, which has a before and after, it seems to be a very significant one indeed! This should also mean that if we want a lower framerate, battery life could be improved as well.


Alongside Yet Another Zombie Survivors performance boost, we have a new map called "Green Hell," which looks like an extremely creepy forest map, a new Game Mode called "Extermination," which is a wave-based mode where you can level up, recruit survivors, and more, a new enemy form, the ability to customize your item pool, an encyclopedia, 13 new achievements, and improved AI. There are also a ton of quality of life updates like improved sound effects, auto-aiming improvements, and pause menu stats can be selected with gamepad controls.

There are balance changes, bug fixes, and even a quick look at what is coming next! You can check out the changelog in full on their Steam Community Post.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors can be purchased now for 25% off until April 13th for $7.49. It is rated Steam Deck Playable due to small in-game text, showing incorrect controller icons, needing a community controller configuration, and needing to manually bring up the virtual keyboard. The developer has also commented on this, mentioning that Steam Deck and Linux support are very important and they will be continuing to support and optimize for both.

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