Trails to Azure

As someone who loves the Trails games, and how connected they are, utilizing the feature to import your save from the previous game in the series is imperative. Luckily, now we can do that on the Steam Deck!

On March 18th, a patch was released for the newest Trails game, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, that fixes some bugsm tweaks battle UI placement, and implements a workaround for loading saves from Trails from Zero. This will detect if the game has a save even when they are on separate prefixes, which the Steam Deck does, as long as they aren't different custom WINE prefixes. If they are, you will have to manually copy or symlink them over:

Trails to Azure 1.1.10 Patch Changelog:

  • Fixed a potential crash when advancing the Master Quartz level-up window too quickly.
  • Fixed some instances where achievements would not be unlocked correctly after importing data from another release of the game.
  • Minor 3D geometry fixes in a few maps.
  • Tweaked the battle UI placement of the HP/EP/CP labels.
  • Implemented a workaround for loading Trails from Zero clear saves when in a WINE environment with separate prefixes (such as on the Steam Deck). For standard cases, it should now "just work", as long as you also have Trails from Zero installed on the same device, and started it at least once to make sure the saves are synchronized.
    Specifically, this now works if all individual Steam game prefixes are in the same root, which is the default Proton configuration. If you have multiple custom WINE prefixes you will still have to do a manual copy or symlink.

You can also revert to prior versions of the game as a "beta" in the preferences of the game if you experience any issues.

We reviewed Trails to Azure as well and it runs like a charm on the Steam Deck! If you are a fan of JRPGs and turn-based combat, this series should be in your sights.

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