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Some of the best games to enjoy on the Steam Deck are ones that can be played for tens to hundreds of hours. The ability to sleep and resume the game without losing any progress or having many issues is a godsend for those who have limited time to play. This makes Steam's Endless Replayability sale a perfect one for your Steam Deck libraries, so we put together a list of games we feel deserve your attention.

Here are the games we think you should take a look at:

Best Deals From the Steam Endless Replayability Sale for Steam Deck

Balatro - $13.49 (10% Off) (SDHQ Review) (It isn't discounted that much, but it's an amazing game)

Balantro 6

Siralim Ultimate - $9.99 (50% Off) (Procedurally Generated Pokemon-esque game with tons of depth)


Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - $7.99 (20% Off) (Vampire survivors, but 3D)


Rogue Legacy 2 - $13.74 (45% Off) (Roguelike platformer that is way too addicting)


Streets of Rogue - $4.99 (75% Off) (Action roguelike with co-op where you complete missions however you want)

StreetsofRogue 1

Hero's Hour - $8.99 (50% Off) (Turn-based strategy with real-time combat and is also very addicting)

HerosHourStock1 1

Good Pizza, Great Pizza - $5.99 (40% Off) (Run a pizza shop while relaxing in the cozy atmosphere)


Road 96 - $4.99 (75% Off) (Procedurally generated road trip simulator)

Road96 1

Trinity Fusion - $12.99 (35% Off) (SDHQ Review) (Roguelike platformer that runs so well on Steam Deck)


Bore Blasters - $7.99 (20% Off) (SDHQ Review) (A gorgeous mining exploration game, flawless on Steam Deck)

BoreBlasters 9 Copy

Jupiter Hell - $9.99 (60% Off) (Gritty, turn-based, classic roguelike)


FTL: Faster Than Light - $2.49 (75% Off) (It's FTL. A classic, amazing game)


Tangledeep - $5.99 (60% Off) (Another awesome, traditional roguelike that runs wonderfully)


Those are some of the best deals that I could find for amazing games for your Steam Deck. But, there are still some great games on sale that deserve some attention.

Other Great Deals

And that's all the games we think are worth your time, but there are a lot more on sale that you may enjoy! You can check out the entire sale on Steam right now, which also includes new demos for upcoming or newly released games. The sale will be ending on May 20th.

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