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A new Steam Deck Beta Client update was pushed out yesterday! This one brings in some nice QoL features on top of the normal fixes like adding a restart later option when certain settings are changed, implementing a find bar for searching within a web page, and adding the product name to the "Activate a Product" dialog when you successfully activate a key!

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 5/2/23 Changelog:


  • Implemented find bar for searching within a web page
  • Added product name to Activate a Product dialog on successful activation
  • Fixed chance of first webpage navigation each session being unreachable via the back button
  • Fixed systray menu opening across monitor boundaries for certain display configurations
  • Clicking on a comment notification will now navigate to the first unread comment in the thread
  • Fixed Controller Calibration window closing when opening the Output tab from Steam Desktop UI
  • Fixed some alignment issues on the downloads page
  • Fixed some alignment issues in the bottom bar

Screenshots Manager

  • Fixed list preview images distorting screenshot aspect ratios
  • Fixed dialog remaining in background on attempts to reopen
  • Fixed old dialog showing up after game sessions instead of new dialog for users with that setting enabled


  • Settings that require a restart will now give the option to restart later

Steam Input

  • Added missing inputs to the "Listen" dialog
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly opening the configurator to the same config could cause edits to not stick
  • Fixed issues with gyroscope orientation in Joystick Move mode

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