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A new Steam Deck Beta Client update was pushed out yesterday! This one brings in a bunch of changes to Desktop mode including adding a new "In Progress" section to the achievements panel, making that same achievements panel pinnable, and fixing menu bar items not opening on hover when the window isn't focused. There was also some Steam Input and General changes, but not nearly as much as the Desktop.

Steam Deck Beta Client Update 5/12/23 Changelog:


  • Add new notification indicators
  • Fixed a navigation issue in the Quick Access Menu showing the last section, instead of the Performance section, when selecting the Battery icon in the header

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed category capsules overflowing into the app details page when the window is very narrow
  • Updated Controller Summary page so that it scales better at different sizes
  • Fixed menu bar items not opening on hover when window was not focused.
  • View All Achievements now shows the new Achievements panel that was previously only available in the in-game overlay
  • Added new "In Progress" section to the Achievements panel, which also can be sorted.
  • Made the Achievements panel pinnable and reduced its minimum size in the in-game overlay. Together with the new "In Progress" section, users can use this as a way to keep track of Achievements while in-game.
  • Remove notifications 48 hours after they were viewed
  • Add new notification bell in the header for Big Picture Mode (not yet available on Steam Deck)
  • Fixed notification popups for family sharing and download events not appearing while in game
  • Changed the text in the Hardware Information and Steam Runtime Information dialogs to be mouse selectable.

Steam Input

  • Updated Controller Summary page so that it scales better at different sizes
  • Added mouse position dialog to configurator w/ support for transparency to the game or using your screenshots for position
  • Fixed a regression w/ exporting configs from recent beta

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