Yesterday, Sons Of The Forest, the sequel to the breakout hit, The Forest, got its 15th patch that added in a ton of new content, including one Kelvin abilities and a new cannibal type. Along with those, developer Endnight Games has added in AMD's temporal upscaler and default settings curated for the Steam Deck.


As of Patch 15, we have the option to use FSR 2.0 as an upscaler of choice. This is great since it uses Temporal Upscaling and is a massive visual improvement over the previous version while getting similar performance improvements. There is also new a new default setting that will be applied when the game is booted from a Steam Deck or low-end PC. The update also brings a wealth of optimizations that range from texture memory to an optimized seasons manager.

The Patch also adds in a wealth of new content. There are new Kelvin abilities and animations for maintaining your base, a new female cannibal type, weapon and firewood holders, a new blueprint and outfit, new decorative papers, and more villages and ponds added to the world with 3 new hanging gore types that can be on trees.

From my minor testing on the Steam Deck, the patch seems to make Sons Of The Forest much more playable on the device. With the default settings and FSR 2.0 set to balanced, I was able to play the game quite comfortably at 30 FPS. There is still a lot more to test, but it does seem like the game will be much more enjoyable on the Deck with a higher visual fidelity possible!

Sons of the Forest is currently available on Steam in early access for $29.99.

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