Quite possibly one of the few games that still has life left in it after over 10 years, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the biggest names that has relevance. It has been kept alive due to not only its fantastic gameplay and world but the modders that have continuously added new content for us to enjoy. Now, out of nowhere, Bethesda has put out an update to the Special Edition of the game, bringing in the Bethesda Creations (a new way to install mods), Ultrawide Monitor support, and official Steam Deck support!

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While the game was already working on the Steam Deck, this new update actually includes more official support with tailored optimizations for the handheld. Unfortunately, Bethesda doesn't go into specifics with what exactly changed that warranted support, but it could be some improvements to make the experience more seamless with the launcher, better resolution support, recognition of the Steam Deck gamepad specifically, or support for the new Bethesda Creations.

Speaking of which, that is the big draw to this update outside of Steam Deck support. Bethesda added in the Creations tab, which will allow you to browse and install mods from in-game. Before, you needed to find and download the mods externally and enable them before launching the game, but now, it can be done without that trouble. This could be extremely helpful on the Steam Deck, as navigating in Desktop mode is an extra step most may not want to take.


There is also new Ultrawide monitor support, as well as a plethora of bug fixes and different improvements. There is also new Macro Support, which allows you to add in basic commands that can be customized in the SkyrimConsoleDefault.ini. This will require going and finding the file, which is in the Skyrim Special Edition's file directory.

Overall, I can't say for sure what the improvements are for the Deck, but updates like this are welcome nonetheless, especially for my favorite version of the game!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is available on multiple different platforms to purchase, including:

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