Gunfire Reborn Proton Experimental

A new Proton Experimental update was pushed out yesterday! The new update brings in a bunch of fixes for games, updates SteamWorks SDK, and fully fixed the EA Launcher and Battle.Net from crashing or not starting. There was also improved loading times for Final Fantasy XIII and made Gunfire: Reborn now playable!

Proton Experimental Update 5/5/23 Changelog:

  • Now playable: Gunfire: Reborn.
  • Enabled nvapi for many more games: Chernobylite Enhanced Edition, Dead Space (Remake), Forspoken, Forza Hrozion 5, Hi-Fi Rush, Marvel's Avengers, Monster Hunter Rise, Need For Speed Unbount, Nioh 2, Propnight, Redfall, Returnal, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, SCP: 5K, Scum, The Last Of Us Part I, Watch Dogs Legion.
  • Fixed Tales of Berseria suffering from screen tearing with vsync turned on while in fullscreen / borderless.
  • Improved Final Fantasy XIII loading times.
  • Fixed EA launcher crashing and removed the previous workaround.
  • Fixed Red Dead Redemption 2 taking long time to exit with Alt+F4.
  • Fixed not starting.
  • Fixed cutscenes freezing in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
  • Fixed multiple Unity titles flickering on the Steam Deck when switching display window options.
  • Fixed The Elder Scrolls Online wrongly claiming not enough space.
  • Updated supported SteamWorks SDK version to 1.57.
  • Fixed The Elder Scrolls Online launcher showing blank window.

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