As we all know, cases are essential when it comes to protecting your devices, especially the Steam Deck. To combat this, there a lot of variations of silicone cases, but this doesn't provide a ton of protection. Enter DBrand, a well-known case/skin creator that announced months ago that they were making a hard cover case for the Deck called "Project Killswitch". And while they have been drip feeding information, their newest update is a big one as it now has a release date and price, which they posted on the r/steamdeck subreddit.

Killswitch Fullview

They start off the post getting right into the nitty gritty. Project Killswitch will launch at 8pm EDT on September 25th. They will also mention the "Essential Kit", which contains the case, magnetic kickstand, and a customizable skin, will be $59.95. There will be a travel kit add on for $15 that brings a travel cover and stick grips in:

The Essential Kit will cost $59.95 and includes:

For an extra $15.00, the Travel Kit adds:

They go on later down to detail that if you placed a reservation before launch, you will get an email on the evening of the 25th to purchase it. You will be taken to the page to buy it and will unlock the UI with information provided in the email. Once you have put everything in your cart, your order total will be reduced by $3 and orders will be shipped in the sequence they are received:

  1. On the evening of September 25th, you will receive an email notifying you that Project Killswitch is available for purchase.
  2. Click the link.
  3. You will be greeted with a locked purchase UI.
  4. Unlock the UI using information provided in the email.
  5. Buy whatever you want.
  6. At checkout, your order total will be reduced by the $3 reservation you already paid for (i.e. a $3 reduction from the pricing detailed above).
  7. Orders will be shipped FIFO (i.e. in the sequence they were received).

They also mentioned that once they sold out of the first batch, Project Killswitch won't be restocked until the end of 2022.

Here are some screenshots they provided in the post as well:

What do you guys think of this development? Do you feel the price is justified? Let us know in the comments!