Primal Carnage: Extinction is one of the few PvP games that I still remember from the good ol' days when I was getting into shooters on PC. And with today's Thanksgiving update, it has become a little easier to play on the Steam Deck now that support has been added for the Virtual Keyboard.


What this means is whenever you need to enter text in the game, for whatever reason, the virtual keyboard will now automatically come up for you on the Steam Deck. This will make the game feel much more fluid and right at home on the Deck, so we don't have to manually bring up the keyboard anymore.

Along with this update, there are a bunch of new tweaks and adjustments to make the game feel a lot better, including all classes getting 35% faster stamina regeneration if you crouch (except for Tyrants). There is also a Thanksgiving event happening now, bringing us new Novaraptor and Oviraptor skins and a new taunt for the Raptors. We also see some new items for other classes and new free drops, which include the ALIOQUIN Novaraptor mutation.

You can view the full changelog over on Steam.

Primal Carnage: Extinction is currently on sale for the Autumn Sale and has been brought down by 60% to $5.19. There's also a 4-pack of the game, which includes 3 extra copies to give to your friends, that has been discounted to $19.99. The game is rated Playable on the Steam Deck due to small text and need to bring up the virtual keyboard, though the latter should be fixed now!

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