Ziggurat Interactive has announced that pre-orders for the prequel to the Dreamcast classic Slave Zero are now available! The game launches on February 21st, but plenty of information is already available to us on what the game will be like.

Slave Zero X challenges players to take on the tyrannical SovKhan, a violent dictator who controls Megacity S1-9 with brutality. Combine moves to dish out vicious combos on your enemies, mixed with dashing, dodging, wall-jumping, and air-juggling, all at your disposal. Enjoy a classic 90's Drum'n'Bass soundtrack as you cut your way through the enemy forces. Using a beautiful mix of 2D sprites and 3D environments, the game looks to also provide a unique art style that's sure to appeal to gamers from the 90's.

Both a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition have been announced, which you can pre-order on GOG now:

Standard Edition Pre-Orders: - $24.99

  • Base game, the digital manual, with a pre-order bonus of a GOG-themed Shou skin

Deluxe Edition Pre-Orders: - $29.99

  • Base game, the digital manual, a GOG-themed Shou skin (pre-order bonus), a deluxe PC Shou skin, a digital download of the OST, digital comics, and bonus art

On top of this, the deluxe edition is set to include some original comics that are set in the Slave Zero world. These will be illustrated by former storytellers and writers Ant Williams and Andy Lanning, who have previously worked at Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney!


There's no word yet on whether these will be available for pre-order on Steam, as it looks like the pre-orders on PC may be exclusive to GOG given the pre-order bonuses, but it will be coming out there too. A demo of the game is available right now, so you can check it out, see what you think, and wishlist if you enjoy!

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