NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS is a chance to relive the series' most iconic moments, and with the Nostalgic Anime Song & Item Pack DLC, we will be able to not only relive those events but also the incredible recognizable music along with it!

The Nostalgic Anime Song & Item Pack DLC introduces five iconic tracks from NARUTO and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. From the high-energy "GO!!!" by FLOW to the melodic "Blue Bird" by Ikimonogakari, these songs will set the stage for epic battles and unforgettable moments:

  • “GO!!!” by FLOW
  • “Haruka Kanata” by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
  • “Blue Bird” by Ikimonogakari
  • “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON
  • “Kaze” by Yamazaru

Along with the tracks, the DLC also brings three in-game items: a Ninja Info Card Skin, a Microphone, and stylish Orange Headphones. These items add an extra touch of nostalgia for die-hard fans of the series. You can also check out the opening song for the game right now!

NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS is available for pre-order now on Steam for $59.99 and will be available on November 16th. Based on the minimum requirements, it will probably run quite well on the Steam Deck!

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