Naughty Dog  - The Last of Us Part 1

Today, The Last of Us Part 1 released on the PC and, while it has its issues, there is some good news that has come from this!

Naughty Dog's Vice President, Christian Gyrling, wrote up a little reflection of the studio bringing over the game to PC. While it goes a bit into the development and challenges that Naughty Dog faced, the end of the little news post was much more interesting.

The first paragraph under "The Road Ahead" section at the bottom states that Naughty Dog will continue to bring their games to PC:

So, where will the next Naughty Dog development adventure take us? Rest assured, PlayStation and PC players, we’re already looking forward to sharing more, whether you prefer a DualSense controller or a keyboard and mouse. Developing for both platforms empowers us to incorporate lessons learned from either into the overall design of our games. Sharing our stories and experiences on PS5 as well as PC is something that Naughty Dog has embraced and will continue to support moving forward.

Christian Gyrling

While we will most likely see staggered releases with PS5 coming first, it is awesome to see the dedication to PC support and hopefully, this will mean improvements to future games.

The Last of Us Part 1's release has been a bit shoddy with a significant VRAM usage and tons of crashes. The port was was also handled by Iron Galaxy, who has helped with other ports like Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Crash Bandicoot, and the Uncharted PC port. We are hoping the game gets some patches soon and that the shader cache helps when it's released!

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