When it comes to the monthly Platinum Collection bundles, Fanatical tends to hit it out of the park. Luckily, this trend is continuing with the March 2024 Platinum Collection, which is headlined by awesome games like Wasteland 3, Trinity Fusion, Silt, and more! It's hard not to take a look at this lineup for the build your own bundle and not find a game that could interest you. So, here are the 22 different games you can choose from:

March 2024 Platinum Collection Bundle

Fanatical March Platinum Collection BYO Choices:

This is a build-your-own bundle, which means you will get to choose a specific amount of games and pay a set price for them. For this bundle, you can get:

  • 3 Games for $10
  • 5 Games for $15
  • 7 Games for $20

Honestly, this is an incredible deal. Wasteland 3, Trinity Fusion, and The Bunny Graveyard are all awesome, and there are some really cool games to check out, like PERISH, Luna's Fishing Garden, Silt, and Adore. Your Steam Deck library will thank you with some of these titles being added to it, and I can say I will be partaking in this deal myself just to get another copy of Wasteland 3, because I love it!

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