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Knights of Borria - a three-man studio from Cornwall in the UK - are releasing their debut title due this summer, and they want as many eyes and ears upon it as possible. Leximan is a magical puzzle adventure that requires the art of making words! Published by Marvelous Europe, their demo - dubbed Mega Ultra Demo 2.0 - is available for all to digest in preparation for their debut launch, which will be on August 13th.

With a long history in Dungeons and Dragons, Knights of Borria have crafted something unique here. Set in a world where magic is real but a little weak, the player has been blessed with the ability of Leximancy. With the power to create sorcery from languages, you must delve into the bowels of your school - Academy Elementia - and protect it from the evil whims of a fireball-wielding dark wizard. That is in the job description, I promise!

Leximan Screenshot 2

Leximan is a charming little gem by the demo's impressions, and the Digital Deluximan Edition offers some extra goodies. Not only does it include the mystical soundtrack from the game, but it also includes the Basement Breakout TTRPG Mini-Campaign PDF for roleplay fans.

Leximan will launch on August 13th for $14.99, while the Digitial Deluximan Edition will be $19.99. Both versions will come with a 10% discount for the first week of release, so pick it up as soon as possible! And thankfully, it looks like it would be perfect on the Steam Deck.

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