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Lords of the Fallen is a fantastic action RPG/souls-like game and can play quite well on the Steam Deck, but one aspect has been missing for a little bit. Luckily, that part of the game is now fixed! In today's patch, developer HEXWORKS has fixed a ton of different aspects of the game, inluding online functionality on the Deck!

LordsoftheFallenStock7 1

With the 1.1.310 update, online functionality for Lords of the Fallen has been fully restored on the Steam Deck, confirming that this will be a great game to play on the newly announced Steam Deck OLED. This means you should be able to fully access any online components of the game, including online multiplayer. There was also a crash fix for when Scarlet Shadow spans, which would crash on the Deck before. Valve drivers should automatically update once the game starts!

Other than those, HDR functionality has been tweaked to give off a wider range of colors than before, performance has been optimized in general, a bunch of crashes were fixed, and some AI improvements were made. This also includes the first Inventory Expansion pass, giving you more space to store your items, and a full revamp of the Sundered Monarch boss. Key quest items are also no longer affected by the inventory limitations you may have.

Lords of the Fallen Free Content Roadmap

The inventory expansion pass is part of Lords of the Fallen's awesome content roadmap. While the team will have weekly enhancements like increasing performance, stability, and adding some nice quality of life tweaks, HEXWORKS plans to add a ton of new content, including new spells, secret boss abilities, armor sets, New Game+ modifiers, and much more. They put all of this on a nice image to show off the content they are working on, so if you want a reason to keep playing the game, this is a huge one!


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