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One of the things I have always wanted in the Steam Deck was a more vibrant screen, specifically using OLED technology. I have always loved what this technology can do, so wanting one with my Steam Deck has been the biggest hope I have had for the next generation. Now, it has been fully confimed.

Valve is releasing a full refresh of the Steam Deck, with a full list of updated specs to improve your experience with the device. This includes a slightly smaller APU (6nm instead of 7nm), a slightly larger screen (0.4 inches bigger), a 50Wh battery, WiFi 6E support, better thermals, slightly lighter, a 1tb version, and of course, a HDR OLED display with 1,000 nits brightness in HDR and 600nits in SDR.

It also has a 90hz screen, slightly faster RAM (on par with the ROG Ally), and a better touchscreen. All in all, this is a fantatic mid-gen/refresh for the Steam Deck!

Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 10 01 35 Steam Deck™

The 256gb LCD screen is getting a price drop to $399, while the 512gb OLED will be $549 and the 1tb is $649. There is also a limited version with a translucent colorway for $679, which is only available in the US and Canada while supplies last. For what is being offered, these are fantastic prices and definitely stays competitive with the competition.

Along with this upgrade, there was a price drop for the old versions of the 64gb and 512gb models of the LCD version due to them being completely discontinued. While supplies last, you can get a 64gb version for $349 and a 512gb version for $449, which is a NUTS price for the device. The dock from Valve has also been reduced to $79.

The new Steam Deck will officially be available starting on November 16th at 10am Pacific time.

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