A new bundle from Humble was released today! The Scary Games to Play in the Dark bundle focuses on scary games, perfect to play when it is pitch black around you! There are 7 awesome games in this bundle including Visage, The Mortuary Assistant, and Labyrinthine!

Humble Scary Games to Play in the Dark bundle.

Humble Scary Games to Play in the Dark Bundle Contents:

Visage (Playable)
The Mortuary Assistant (Verified)
SCP: 5K (Unsupported)
Them and Us (Unknown, but reported working)
The Blackout Club (Verified)
Labyrinthine (Verified)
Propnight (Unsupported)

The bundle is $18 for all 7 games, but there is a 4 game option for $12 (the bottom 4 games) and a 2 game option for $7 (the bottom 2). The games here are awesome, especially Visage. That game is horrifying and can run quite well on the Steam Deck. This deal will be going on for 3 weeks, until April 14th!

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