Halo Infinite Playable on Deck
Halo Infinite is Playable on Deck… Technically

At the beginning of the Deck’s lifetime, Microsoft made sure to tell us that Halo Infinite will not be supported on Deck. This was especially devastating for those who wanted to play the entire Halo series (apart from 5) natively on their Decks, myself included. Well hope has now been reignited.

Per the latest Proton GE update (Proton GE 7-24), Halo Infinite is able to launch on Deck. It can boot up and you can get into multiplayer matches. There is a slight caveat though, it runs horribly. The framerate is all over the place, usually below 20, and textures and artifacting are all over the place. By all accounts, the game can now technically be booted and played, but it is definitely not playable.

While it generally isn’t good that it cannot run well, the fact that it is now able to boot and be technically played is amazing. This is a game that the developers said they weren’t supporting it on Deck, and yet here we are. And the story doesn’t end there!

On June 30th, Pierre-Loup Griffais, a Valve employee working on the Steam Deck, responded to a comment mentioning Halo:

So not only does Proton GE have a leg up with their patching of Halo Infinite, but it’s even on Valve’s to-do list. This is absolutely wonderful to hear. I have a feeling we will be seeing a fully playable Halo Infinite soon.

Halo Infinite On Deck

If you want to try running Halo Infinite yourself and see it, you need to have Proton GE 7-24. Though be warned, we do not recommend trying it as it will not be actually playable!