Developed by Appeal Studios and published by NACON, Gangs of Sherwood promises to be an epic experience co-op action experience, and a new gameplay overview trailer was just released to show off the elements that will make this game one you don't want to miss:

King Richard of England stumbled upon an incredible gem, the Lionheart, in the heart of the last Crusades. It wasn't just any stone; it had mind-blowing properties that propelled England into a technological renaissance. But as with all things powerful, it became a magnet for greed. The notorious Sheriff of Nottingham got his hands on it, and things took a dark turn for the English people.

Fortunately, a strong resistance movement was born. Robin Hood and his crew of outlaws are ready to fight back. You can step into the shoes of legendary characters, such as Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, and, of course, Robin of Locksley.

Every hero will bring their unique style, complete with many customizable abilities. As you dive deeper into the game, you'll unlock new combos that crush your enemies. And while you can solo your way through the game, Gangs of Sherwood supports 4-player co-op. Strategize, leverage each other's strengths, and team up for jaw-dropping moves to crush the Sheriff's forces.

Gangs of Sherwood is available for pre-order on Steam ahead of its November 2nd release for $39.99. It may be hard to run on the Steam Deck, but playing on the ROG Ally or 7840U devices will be possible!

There is also a special Lionheart Edition for $44.99, which includes the game and:

  • An alternative skin for Alan-a-Dale
  • An exclusive Lionheart Skin Set for the 4 heroes
  • A digital artbook
  • The game's original soundtrack in digital format
  • Early access 72 hours before release
  • Preorder bonus content (Prestige Skin Set for the heroes)

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