One of the biggest questions that has risen from the new Steam Deck OLED, if you already have a Steam Deck, is transferring over your data to the new device. So far, there hasn't been any information given regarding bringing over your games or other downloaded files, but if you are using EmuDeck, there is now a way to move your emulated games, BIOS, and save files to the new device easily!


The Export and Import tools recently released from the team will allow you to get your files over to the new Steam Deck OLED, or any new Deck, without hassle. The process is pretty simple, though you will need a USB Drive or SD Card to use it with. You can download both of the tools directly from EmuDeck's website as well.

First, you will need to download the Export tool to your current Steam Deck, and after plugging in your USB Drive or SD Card you plan to use, run the Export tool. Then, install the Import tool to your new Deck. You will need to install EmuDeck from scratch, which you can do with our guide or from their website directly. After that, plug in your drive to the new device and run the Import tool. Finally, open EmuDeck and run the USB Transfer Wizard, which will bringing over all of your files!

If you are a big emulation fan and have a bunch of games and save files, this tool will be essential to getting everything over to the new device. Luckily, Steam does have cloud saves for a lot of games, so you are at little risk of losing your progress, but EmuDeck doesn't have that just yet. This is a fantastic tool the team developed, and I can't wait to try it myself when the new OLED gets here.

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