El Paso, Elsewhere has been getting some post-release patches to make the game a bit better, and this one is going to make the game a bit more playable on the Steam Deck! In the new update released today, we have a couple of new improvements, which include a new set of default settings to better accommodate the game, resolution and framerate pickers, and a new default Steam Input template that includes a radial menu to easily swap between weapons!


Using the right trackpad, you can bring up the radial menu that will swap to whatever weapon you are hovering over. So, you can move your finger around in a circle and you will keep automatically switching weapons. This will be great to use when in the heat of battle and need to quickly switch out your gun for a new one without thinking much.

El Paso, Elsewhere is currently $19.99 on Steam! We also reviewed the game on the Steam Deck, and while changes did help it perform, it was a great experience overall!

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Noah Kupetsky
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