Earlier today, a new patch was released for Diablo 4 that focused on some bug fixes and gameplay updates. These ranged from accessibility and dungeon issues to a new endgame pinnacle dungeon being added, but on top of that, there was a fix specifically for the Steam Deck that was brought in.


Sometimes, there was a small issue where the Screen Reader function didn't announce the required pacts for Vampiric Powers. This issue occurred on the Steam Deck, which made you unable to hear the pacts. Luckily, this has been fixed now. This may not have affected most players since this was an Accessibility issue, but it's nice to see the care being put in for every aspect of the game.

With the update, we have a new endgame pinnacle dungeon called Abattoir of Zir. There was also an increase in earned Glyph experience from most of the Nightmare Tiers, making it more rewarding to keep pushing your builds. On top of that, you can also see a full list of possible affixes previewed in the Enchantment menu. As for bugs, we have a range of fixes, including respawning issues to Blood Harvesters disappearing and fixing text describing how to unlock Mounts. A full changelog can be viewed on the Steam Community post.

Diablo 4 is currently on sale for $41.99 on Steam until December 11th. The Ultimate Edition, usually $100, was reduced to $59.99, a great deal for the extra content. It is Verified on Steam Deck, and while we haven't tested it just yet through Steam, it works exceptionally well through BattleNet, so it would be weird if the Steam version wasn't better.

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