CD Projekt Red deserves a ton of credit for bringing Cyberpunk 2077 up from its launch state, and it seems like the work isn't done. Tomorrow, the developers will launch the 2.1 update for the game, which fixes a ton of bugs, includes balancing tweaks, and adds in a wealth of new features and content, including something that may be very helpful on the Steam Deck.


There aren't any specific Steam Deck fixes in this patch, but that doesn't mean the update won't help! One of the new features being added is an accessibility option to have a bigger interface font. With the small screen, the bigger font can make a massive difference in readability and make the game significantly more enjoyable. There's also a new accessibility tab for the HUD to control this.

As for content, V can now travel on the metro lines through 19 different stations. These act as fast travel locations, or you can actually ride the train itself and watch as the gorgeous city goes by. You can also invite your love interest to spend time in any of your apartments. These hangouts are events that can be triggered as many times as you want as long as the romance path for the character you want to bring over has finished. There are also replayable car races, new sightseeing binoculars in scenic spots, and you can listen to the radio while on foot.


There are also 5 new bikes and 1 new car, which look incredible, and you can now lean while riding bikes, which can allow you to do some tricks as you lean forward or backward and throw knives or axes. A previously closed-off highway that spans Westbrook, Santo Domingo, and Heywood was also opened, and you can also mark vehicles as favorites in the Call Vehicle menu. There are also two new Cyberwear to use to enhance combat.

There are a bunch of new fixes across every aspect of the game, including lighting improvements and a new resolution scaling mode toggle. There's also DualSense controller support and new Ray Tracing and path-traced lighting improvements. If you want to see the full highlights of this update, you can check it out on their official website.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on Steam for $59.99. It is rated Steam Deck Verified, and it runs quite well for the most part. You will need 30 FPS for the most stable experience, but in most areas, this will hit it with decent visual quality thanks to AMD's FSR 2.1 upscaling.

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