One of the things I have always loved about the Sniper Elite series is the way we can observe the bullet we shoot as it penetrates our enemies. It's so cool following it along as it passes by buildings and pierces the one we shot at. Children of the Sun takes that concept and adds another spin to it: you only have one bullet to kill every enemy on the field. To showcase it, the developers released their reveal trailer to get us excited.

In Children of the Sun, you play as THE GIRL, who is waging a war against a cult that ruined her life. Armed with a rifle and a single bullet, you will go through each level and need to figure out the best way to kill all of these cultists with only one round of ammo. It is a puzzle game at its core, as you need to find the right path to kill all of your enemies in one swoop, so be ready to plan out your attack and uncover the secrets of this horrifying cult.

The gameplay loop is simple. You run around a map, mark enemies, and then shoot a bullet at them and try to configure a path that will work out to kill them all without needing to shoot again. It is a lot of fun, and you can try it for yourself with the demo, which is available now!

The game looks amazing with a fantastic aesthetic, and to make things better, Children of the Sun has a demo available now on Steam! So, of course, I had to go test it on my Steam Deck, and it runs extremely well! Without changing anything, I was able to get a nice 58 - 60 FPS, though setting it to 50 saved a little on battery and kept everything stable while still feeling smooth. On top of that, the colors pop on the OLED display, and it just works so well.

Children of the Sun can be wishlisted on Steam right now with a release date announced soon.

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