Battle Bands is a unique take on the roguelike deckbuilding card game genre that focuses on putting a band together and using your cards to conquer opponents. It features some pretty unique elements and a heavy focus on competitive multiplayer with real-time tournaments and coop campaigns, which is awesome. With today's new 1.1 update, there have been a bunch of balance changes and Quality of Life updates, including one that helps on the Steam Deck.


For the Steam Deck, Battle Bands will now automatically bring up the virtual keyboard once text needs to be entered. With the game being rated as Playable for the Deck, one of the reasons was needing to manually bring it up, so this update should fix that. Hopefully, we will see more updates to fix the other knocks against it, including larger text options, controller icon fixes, and gamepad support.

The rest of the update focuses on fixing up some balancing, bug fixes, and quality of life issues. This includes band name editing no longer automatically deleting, better card description text spacing, and the Deck button now being more prominent on the tuning screen. There was also a new Iconic Bot added to Royale mode and an Iconic Bot Collection added to the Compendium. 5 new gear was added, as well as the Final Arena being updated and more variant arenas added to the Royale rotation. Instrument experience has also been doubled, so unlocks happen a bit faster.

Overall, this is a nice update with a solid amount of fixes and additions to make the experience significantly nicer and easier to read. There was more that was updated, and you can view the full changelog on the Steam Community Post.

Battle Bands: Rock and Roll Deckbuilder is currently on Steam for $19.99. It is worth noting that Valve says the singleplayer gameplay requires an internet connection, but we haven't verified that ourselves, so it's worth keeping that in mind before purchasing.

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