Ascent of Ashes looks like a fantastic colony simulator that could be fantastic to play for fans of similar games, like Rimworld. While it was slated for release into early access on November 15, it has unfortunately been delayed until Q1 2024 while the developers address player feedback and move the game to the Godot engine.


In a statement addressing and explaining the delay, Max Hermann, lead developer and owner of Vivid Storm Interactive, said this:

While we understand a delay is disappointing, we feel that our priority right now is to work on the reports and suggestions brought up by the community. We have taken your input to heart, and will be using it to build a stronger foundation for Ascent of Ashes.

We’ve had challenges with Unity that will take some time as we port over to a new system. We originally planned on porting Ascent of Ashes to the Godot engine after the Early Access release, but following community feedback, we realized we should rather make the transition sooner. This will give us time to work on fixing features, as we focus on polishing the core gameplay is a priority for us.

After the polish and stability fixes, we are committed to releasing a steady stream of content updates as outlined in our roadmap to 1.0. With the help of your feedback, we understand that there are several key features that players have requested, such as a more in-depth tutorial and UI text scaling, that will be implemented as well.

Max Hermann - Lead Developer and Owner of Vivid Storm Interactive

It sucks to see a delay like this, but I will always appreciate devs taking some extra time to make sure their game is in the best condition possible. I also can understand the desire to move from Unity, especially after their recent changes to the fees. The game looks fantastic, especially with its tactical combat with detailed simulations, dynamic AI, and incredible world.

Ascent of Ashes is available to wishlist now on Steam ahead of its early access release in Q1 of 2024.

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