Amnesia: The Bunker was an incredible return to a franchise that is easily one of my favorite horror experiences, and today, a brand new update is here and is making me want to come back and play again! The Halloween update, released today, comes with two new game modes that feature some new mechanics to make it feel more unique.

The two new modes are Shell Shock and Custom. The Shell Shock mode is essentially a super hardcore game mode that randomizes locations, changes stalker behaviors, and adds in a new sublevel fuse system. As for the Custom mode, you can change over 30 different settings to tailor your experience, which could make it easier or harder. If you don't want to wait for these, which are considered New Game+ features, there is a button to automatically unlock them when clicking New Game.

Other little changes to improve the game include better resource and prop randomization, increased crawling speed, and an added particle quality setting for fire, gas, flare, and grenade particles. You can see a complete list of these on the patch log posted on Steam. NOTE: the patch log may contain spoilers for the game, so beware.

Amnesia: The Bunker is $24.99 on Steam now and rated Playable. We did review the game on the Steam Deck, and while there are some minor graphical hiccups, the game runs wonderfully and is one of my favorite horror games to play on the go.

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