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Hello! Welcome to the first SteamDeckHQ Project update. So much has happened in the last few days and I am going to recap it, as well as share some developments currently going on.

Before I begin, I want to thank each and every one of you for your outpouring of support. Since I posted on reddit, we have had 472 upvotes and over 37,400 views of the post. On top of that, so many people have commented and come into Discord or DMed me to show their support and desire to be a part of the team. You guys are absolutely amazing. I would have never expected this kind of reaction and I am still honestly processing everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This also gave me a lot of motivation to push this project as hard as I can, and I am hitting the ground running! So without further ado, let me tell you a little of what is happening now:

FIRST: We will start accepting community reviewers later today! The reviewer area here is all set up and the guidelines, outline, and processes are in place. They are all subject to change, since this is a first pass, but with this, we will be able to start pushing out more reviews for more games, and with the processes, keeping our standard of quality and honesty. We have been so excited and wanted to get this in place ASAP so we can keep these reviews coming. BBQKITTY will be posting over in the discord server later today on how to apply. You can join the Discord server by clicking HERE.

SECOND: I am happy to announce that with the help of Bitterjay, we are creating a new iteration of the website! This will feature some UI changes and much more customizability that will allow us to do significantly more, as well as automate some processes in the background. We have been ironing out the details and will post more about the new features coming as we work on them, but I am so excited to be able to push the project in ways I never expected. We will be showing everyone progress on the website as we create it and this Discord server will get some exclusive access! I will also be adding a channel to leave specific feedback and suggestions for the new overhaul of the website once we start showing more, so stay tuned!

THIRD: There are some plans we have for community engagement both on the website and off! Through Discord, there will be some Steam Key giveaways that will be starting in a couple days. There will be a formal announcement for it on Monday, June 20th (Going based off the time/day in the western US/PST). There is no requirement to enter other than being in the server and anyone can participate! And yes, of course the games will be verified to work on the Steam Deck. Other engagement ideas are being workshopped and will be introduced later, but it is another priority of ours!

That is what is currently being worked on, but there are so many ideas floating around and being implemented to make this site the go-to place for all things Steam Deck! I also just received a 2nd Deck (My friend letting me use theirs) and will be able to start creating and uploading tutorials, guides, and tips for Steam Deck usage. A few of my planned videos include a Lutris guide, getting all Kingdom Hearts working and working offline, Steam Deck Plugin Essentials, and a couple others I am workshopping.

Thank you guys so much for all your support. If you do know anyone with a Steam Deck, or who is getting one, or someone that's just interested, bring them on over! This isn't just a place for people who already own a deck, but a place for even people just moderately interested. I encourage you to reach out as well if you have any ideas or suggestions for not only the website and operations, but the discord server as well! There is a lot more being worked on under the hood and will be sharing more very soon. Have a fantastic rest of your day guys and thank you for supporting this project. It is not possible without you!