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Steam Deck Client Beta Update

Today is a day full of updates, and this one is just as awesome as the other! Valve has shipped a Steam Deck Client update today that addresses multiple issues, as well as adding some well-desired improvements and a new scheduled night mode feature:

The Steam Deck Client Beta Update Updates Include:

  • Added an option to scale the Steam Deck user interface for external displays
  • Added a toggle for automatic scaling of the Steam Deck user interface for external displays
  • Added a scheduled night mode feature, allowing players to choose if and when they’d like night mode to automatically turn on
  • Added a Japanese (Kana) keyboard option
  • Added a new Steam Deck software update channel selector – there are now three options:
    • Stable: Recommended experience for most users. This option will install the latest stable Steam Client and SteamOS.
    • Beta: Testing for new Steam features. Updates frequently. This option will install Steam Client Beta and the latest stable SteamOS.
    • Preview: Testing for new Steam and system-level features. Updates frequently. You may encounter issues. This option will install Steam Client Beta and the SteamOS Beta.
    • Players will only see patch notes for update channel they have selected. As this feature is in Beta, if you opt into the Stable channel, you will not see this selector anymore.
  • Improved Korean keyboard user experience
  • Improved Adaptive Brightness slider user experience
  • Fixed flatpack Chrome closing improperly when quit through Steam
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard showing up under the Steam or Quick Access menu

You can check out the update on Steam as well. Scaling external displays is increasingly important over here at SDHQ since we are getting into Performance Videos and recording our Decks directly. The flatpack chrome update is also just as important, though I’m waiting for the update that will bring Firefox as a flatpack so it can more easily be updated. Otherwise, it’s a small, but great update.

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