Steam Deck Logo Variation 2

Valve pushed out 2 small Steam Deck Beta Client updates yesterday and today. They focused primarily on bug fixes, but the one from today put in the option to play a Point Shop startup movie when the Deck is woken up:

Steam Deck Beta Client 3/16/23 Changelog:


  • Fixed game beta success/failure and dropdown not updating when opting into a password-protected beta branch
  • Fixed a regression in ISteamHTTP talking to servers with ALPN TLS extensions but no HTTP/2 support

Steam Deck Desktop

  • Fixed Big Picture Mode not opening when Steam is set to launch on startup when configured as the default mode

Steam Deck Beta Client 3/17/23 Changelog:


  • Added option to play a Points Shop startup movie on Wake

Steam Input

  • Fixed an issue with non-Steam game configs not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue where switching games in the configurator could show data for the wrong game after making an edit.

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